Tutorial: My first Webpage

Is a bit embarrassing but long time ago i promised myself that one day i would have wrote a tutorial. That day I wasn’t sure i would have wrote it in English but I took my time and today I finally started my first tutorial. Well this will be simple, just a couple of hints to start to publish a small Website.

Writing Web pages is not as hard as it seems, you just need to focus on what you want to show. So first of all you need to decide what kind of information you will provide.

Just to let you know, there are two kinds of websites, the simplest is the static one and the other is the dynamic one. Well, another classification can be done by looking at the content and the use of the website ( for example an e-commerce site like Amazon, or a blog platform like WordPress). You need to know that most of the sites that you will use and see will be dynamic, WordPress  i dynamic because allows you to insert new content without edit the HTML code, that implies the use of a programming language and an interaction with a database. So when you will start your first small project you will probably go for a simple static one.

To start doing it, you just need notepad. There are a lot of rules to write webpages, what you need to know is that a webpage is written in HTML( HyperText Markup Language) , that is a language that is working exactly like math parenthesis, you open something than you close it. You should be careful to open and close the parenthesis correctly, like in math you need to be careful 🙂 HTML have different tags, and each of them is used for a reason. Just to be precise, you should use the proper tags to write content on the internet, truth is that most of the people is writing the code randomly. Ill give you a small example of what should look like the code for an html page:




<body>My First Webpage</body>


This is a very simple webpage, she is static and a little sad, without graphics but we can work on it Later.

To be complete, just try to open a text editor (I’ll suggest this one, is called notepad++) write down what i wrote up there, than press File ->Save as->myfirstsite.html

After this you will have your first page with a simple text, and you will be able to open it with every browser, from Internet Explorer to Chrome. I hope that this tutorial will be useful to someone someday, i will try my best to write something more interesting.