Dynamics CRM 2011 CrmSvcUtil Filtered entities

When you are writing plugins for Dynamics CRM 2011, is useful to know the CrmSvcUtil.exe. Basically this tool allows you to generate a series of classes for manipulate entities in an early bound stage.

Still I don’t really get the difference between early and late bound (beside the comfort of using the intellisense). But anyway if you are in a context where you want to use the early bound and you will generate the file, is very annoying to have to manage a 6-10MB class files that contains all the entities in the organization (when at the end you will end up using no more than 15 – 20 of them). In that context is very useful to have a way to filter the output of the generated file. I found this article that allows you to do exactly that. I’m using the current version of the sdk, and i didn’t have any problems at linking the dll. Actually is working really well and allows you to filter the generating files (the one that i used in a web service and the one that i used as a plugin/workflow).

Here you can find the Microsoft official guide for the generation of the Entity file.

Here you can find the passages to generate a proxy class and connect to the crm from a web service.

I would like to copy Erik Pool article but i prefer to ask him first since will be an exact copy 🙂 maybe with some comments.

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